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What is it ?

Relax, made by Global Medics, has a high concentration of magnesium.

This has a dual function. On the one hand magnesium has a calming action, on the other hand this mineral offers support to tight muscles.

It contains magnesium in organic form (magnesium citrate) which is absorbed far more easily by the body than the often used magnesium oxide.

The added amino acid L-tryptophan is also known to have a calming effect. In addition to these two substances naturally occurring in the body, inositol, choline citrate and many herbs known for their calming effect have also been used. Owing to the added apple flavour, this powder based supplement is ingested without any problems.

When is Relax used?

Relax is used for temperamental and/or jumpy horses during training or in competition, for horses that need box rest after an operation or injury, for horses that are recovering after a period of box rest and for horses that have stress during transport or after relocation.

It is also used for horses that have just started training.

Dosage and packaging


500g [1 lb 2 oz] container 
25-day course of treatment


1 scoop (20g) [1 oz] per horse per day mixed in with the feed